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Is life coaching the right term for what I do? The answer to that is maybe. Perhaps “intuitive counseling” would be a more apt description, though I am not a certified counselor. Either way, this offering is about providing you with tools to move through changes, shake old habits, process transitions, and generally unlock your best life.

Really, this work is not so different from my nutrition work. We will talk about your goals and strengths, and your hang-ups and doubts, and then we will work from the ground up, implementing tools to help you work toward those goals and let go of those doubts.

This work can be as straightforward as resume building and cover letter writing, as hands-on as crafting scripts or letters for having hard talks with folks in your life, and as deep as you want it to be.

I often use tarot as a method of guiding my coaching work, as it helps to put the work on the right track. If that’s not your jam, we won’t do it! You set the pace, you set the boundaries. This is about your healing, and your comfort is the most important thing. 

 Let’s Process Gender

Not surprisingly, a high percentage of my client base fall somewhere under the trans umbrella. The reality of navigating this world as trans person is that gender permeates all of our experiences. Unfortunately, finding care providers who are able to help us process those experiences can be extremely challenging. I created this offering for folks who are seeking a space to work through their feelings and develop tools to navigate their identities.

This offering is also an important part of my nutrition work—being chronically ill and trans is decidedly different from being chronically ill and cis. Trans folks relationships with our bodies are complicated by more than just our physical health, and exploring the ways that gender feelings intersect with one’s relationship with healing from illness is usually a necessary part of our work.

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Nutritional therapy is a comprehensive wellness model that addresses health issues from a whole-body perspective. To me, you are not a diagnosis, you are a whole entire person with needs that are specific to you. My goal is not to treat your symptoms, it is to resolve them. I do a lot of information gathering before we even meet in order to get a clear view of where your body is suffering—you’ll fill out a lot of paperwork before your first appointment! 

This is not your elementary school food pyramid idea of nutrition. My work integrates studies of ancestral foodways with modern science to bring you the most comprehensive, tried-and-tested healing plan. My work is about providing your body with the tools it needs to heal. 

Your healing plan will be specific to you—not only to your body’s needs, but to your comfort level with implementing changes. I aim to make your healing experience as stress-free as possible. I always try to replace rather than eliminate, to add rather than take away, and to make sure that eating is still delicious and satisfying. 



Single tarot sessions are $80 and can be booked through the scheduler.

Tarot-guided life coaching is different from my other coaching options. While I do often incorporate tarot into my life coaching, this offering is for those going through a transitional period in their lives. We meet monthly for extended tarot readings that help you process, get guidance, and come away with a tangible to-do list for the coming month.

Consider this if you are going through or are planning to go through a messy breakup, are working on coming out to your family or community, are deciding what to do with your future, or have any other big changes that you'd like some universe guidance for.