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About transformative wellness 

Transformative Wellness is a radical healing practice, run by Lark Malakai Grey. I offer Nutritional Therapy, intuitive counseling/coaching, and tarot readings.

Nutritional Therapy is a foundational healing modality that focuses on the roots of problems, rather than masking symptoms. I specialize in autoimmune disorders, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and complicated gastrointestinal issues (SIBO, IBS, Candida), though I am comfortable working with a wide range of health issues.

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My coaching work is focused on helping folks move through difficult transitions. The work can look a lot of different ways depending on your needs: I help folks work on their resumes, write difficult letters to parents/partners/friends, work through hard to make decisions, and more.

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I offer both tarot-guided coaching and one-off tarot readings. Tarot-guided coaching is monthly tarot readings designed to help you make a plan for the month.

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