Bone broth

Bone broth is one of the most nourishing foods we can provide to our bodies. It heals and repairs our gut, provides better hydration than pure water, and gives our body the minerals and amino acids it needs to flourish. Not only that, but it's incredibly easy to make.

You can either use a cut of meat with bones in it or just the bone itself--if you use one with meat, it's easy to turn your broth into soup or to use the meat for another meal--this is typically what I do. I also like to make either a whole chicken or a roast in the oven, then use the leftover bones from that to make a bone broth. 


High quality bones from pastured animals
6-12C Water, depending on size/quantity of bones
1T apple cider vinegar


roughly chopped ginger root
roughly chopped turmeric root
whole garlic cloves
whole spices such as black peppercorns, cumin, star anise, or cardamom

If preparing on the stove:

combine all ingredients and cook 6-12 hours for poultry or 8-24 hours for beef or pork. For fish never cook for more than an hour!

If using a slow cooker:

combine all ingredients and cook on high for 12 hours for poultry or 24 hours for beef or pork.

strain out the bones, add salt to taste, and ta-da! delicious, nutritious bone broth. Use it for cooking or drink it plain. It keeps well in the refrigerator for 4-5 days.

Tip: if you are preparing a soup with bone broth and want to cook it all at once, wrap your bones (with or without meat) in cheese cloth and tie off before placing in the pot. That way you can pull the bones all out at once and not have to sift through your veggies to try to find them all!