What to Expect: Our goal is to complete our work with you within six sessions. Your second appointment will be two weeks after your first, and from there on they become more spaced out. Typically the third is a month after the second, and by the fifth clients often go three months between appointments. 

Nutrition consultations: After you schedule your first appointment, you an email with three forms to be filled out and returned before your appointment. These forms allow us to get acquainted with your situation and to make your first appointment as effective as possible. Follow up appointments build upon all of your previous appointments, adding to and adjusting your plan as you incorporate new habits and heal your body. 

Meal Planning: Available both to our clients and to folks who are under the care of another practitioner who is guiding their nutrition but does not specialize in food recommendations. We work with you and your existing practitioner to put together a weekly meal plan that satisfies their requirements and meets your dietary preferences.

Appointments are 45 minutes long.

First appointments and the Functional Evaluation are $90, follow up appointments and meal plans are $75.


At Transformative Wellness we firmly believe that everyone has the right to health, and that cost of care should not be a limiting factor. We are committed to providing quality care to everyone who needs it, regardless of income. This is why we offer income-based scholarships to clients who need them--when you make your appointment online you can add on a scholarship form at sign up. If you make an appointment via phone or email just let us know you'd like the form.

For folks who are interested in donating to our scholarship fund, there is a section that allows you to do so on our intake form. We thank you for your commitment to providing access to those in need.