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About transformative wellness 

Transformative Wellness is a radical healing practice, run by Lark Malakai Grey. I offer nutritional therapy, coaching, and tarot readings.


My coaching work is focused on helping folks move through difficult transitions or just getting their lives together.

Frequent coaching topics include:
-Issues of gender identity •Learn more•
-Job or school transitions
-Difficult family, friend, or romantic relationships
-Creating a healthy work/life balance for folks who are self employed or work from home
-Tools for navigating executive disfunction issues stemming from ADHD or metal illness

The work can look a lot of different ways depending on your needs: we may work on creating boundaries, finding ways to honor your limits and needs, establishing good habits, navigating job changes, relationship changes, or any other situation for which you would like guidance and advice. Learn more


Nutritional Therapy is a foundational healing modality that focuses on the roots of problems, rather than masking symptoms. I specialize in autoimmune disorders, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and complicated gastrointestinal issues (SIBO, IBS, Candida), though I am comfortable working with a wide range of health issues. Learn more


Tarot-guided coaching consists of monthly tarot readings designed to help you move through life changes.

You can also schedule single tarot sessions. Learn more


I offer Trans Inclusivity Trainings for healthcare providers. If you are or have a healthcare provider who is interested in creating a more trans inclusive environment, click here!

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Why radical healing?

At Transformative Wellness, Radical Healing is a rejection of shame-based ideas of what bodies should look like, what health should look like, what the “right” ways to achieve wellness should look like… It is the idea that healing looks different for every person, and that no one solution will work for everyone. It is the eschewing of “good” and “bad,” and it is slamming the door in the face of the idea of “should.” It is about using each individual’s experience of living in their body as the litmus for their health. It is validating that continued disability and chronic illness can coexist with successful healing. It is body positive.

It is believing folks when they say what they are going through.

Radical Healing is about making healing affordable, meeting folks where they are at, honoring each person as an individual and not judging anyone for their limitations, being respectful and knowledgeable about different identities, and being able and willing to sit with folks in their pain and help them work through/around it to meet their goals.

Who am I?

Lark Malakai Grey, NTP

Lark Malakai Grey, NTP


My name is Lark Malakai Grey (he/they). I’m a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, life coach, tarot reader, amateur herbalist, podcaster, and a provider of Trans Inclusivity Trainings for healthcare providers. I am also queer, trans, disabled, a Pisces/Scorpio rising and moon, a Gryffindor, and an INFJ.

I founded Transformative Wellness in January of 2017.

I got interested in nutrition when my partner was dealing with severe Crohn’s disease and we had neither insurance nor the money to access doctors. Through the process of helping him heal, I discovered a passion for food-as-medicine, and even better, was really good at it. In fact, my partner’s Gastroenterologist says that he now has “no evidence of Crohn’s disease.”

::True story: my partner's Gastroenterologist doesn’t believe that diet plays a role in Crohn’s, so when he told us that the Crohn's was gone, he followed up with, “I don’t know why this diet is working, but keep it up!” My partner suggested that the doctor should have his other patients talk to me. Verbatim, his doctor replied, “Ha! I bet the drug companies would love that!”::

My tarot and life coaching work developed in tandem with my foray into the world of nutrition. I have been reading tarot professionally since 2015, and incorporated tarot and coaching into Transformative Wellness in early 2018.

I have also lived with/through so many health issues that I have personal experience with just about everything my clients come to me with—chronic gut issues, adrenal fatigue, mental illness, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome… So I am able to speak to them (YOU!) from a place of experience, not just education.

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