About Transformative Wellness

Transformative Wellness is affirming and welcoming to the LGBTQI+, POC, immigrant, and Muslim communities, and is fat positive, mental health/difference affirming, and a shame-free environment. 


We work with clients all over the country. If you aren't local, choose a phone consultation when you make your appointment.  

Transformative Wellness is a nutritional therapy practice located in the heart of downtown Ypsilanti. It was founded by Lark Malakai Grey in January 2017. Our mission is to provide quality care to all people regardless of age, gender identity, orientation, skin color, economic status, or religion. We are committed to social justice and firmly believe that everyone has the right to health. 

Our practice is queer, trans, and intersex inclusive.

Transformative Wellness is focused on helping those with complex medical issues to live full and rich lives. We are not a weight loss or detox clinic. Your body shape will not be a target of scrutiny or judgement while in our care. If weight loss is your goal it is very likely that it will be achieved while working with us, but as a by-product of achieving health, not the main target.

We have personal experience using nutritional therapy to heal from complex medical issues, and are therefore able to deeply relate to our clients. We understand from personal experience the struggles of attempting to navigate a health system that does not prioritize true health, and know how traumatic it can be to be told repeatedly that you will never feel truly well again. We are dedicated to shifting that paradigm for our clients. 

The facility is wheelchair accessible and has all-gender bathrooms.


Lark Malakai Grey, NTP

Lark Malakai Grey, NTP


Hi, I'm Lark Malakai Grey, founder of Transformative Wellness. I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner specializing in autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal issues, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, though I work with all manner of ailments. I work with both adults and children. 

My passion for nutritional therapy goes back many years, beginning when my partner was diagnosed with severe Crohn's disease. Unsatisfied with the options presented to us by his doctors, I dove headlong into the world of nutrition to try to find another, gentler way to help him heal. Through the knowledge I have gained along the way, he is now disease-free and has never taken medication for his illness. I have also personally dealt with a variety of health issues, including Ehler's-Danlos Syndrome, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, and adrenal fatigue. Using nutritional therapy has helped me return to health in a way that didn't seem possible. My passion for healing is not only professional, it's personal. This is what drives me to bring my knowledge and expertise to my community, and I am excited to work with you and help guide your path to health. 


About Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is a comprehensive wellness model that addresses health issues from a whole-body perspective. By addressing the underlying source of the issue, this approach works to resolve the specific symptoms that have driven our clients to seek help.

At Transformative Wellness we integrate studies of ancestral foodways with modern science to bring you the most comprehensive, evidence-based healing plans. Nutritional Therapy is about more than just nutrition: it is about listening to the body and using food as medicine to help it to get all the tools it needs to perform at its very best. 

We begin by gathering information about your health with an in-depth questionnaire, which lets us prioritize the body systems that need the most support. With this information and more gathered through our meetings with you, we develop a customized plan specific to your needs.

Your healing plan is tailored to your personal goals, limitations, and needs, and it will always progress at the rate most comfortable for you. We believe that healing should never be stressful, and we pride ourselves on making it a positive experience.

We will assist you every step of the way by providing support, recipes, education, and encouragement as you navigate your health journey. Our goal is to make sure that healing isn’t punitive or based on deprivation, and we strive to replace, rather than eliminate, habits that are preventing wellness.